-I Use High Quality Blank Tapes Only
-Tape In SP  Mode ONLY
-No Noise Reduction, Or High Speed Dubbing
-I Always Send The Video In A Bubbled Envelope
-I Will Trade My Video (Your Trade Must be sent First)
-If You're Gonna Be Late Sending Your own Tape Please Let Me Know
-You ALWAYS send cash or trade first
-I have never ripped anone off and i never will either
-Leave Subject part of the check blank
Payment/Trading Method:
        -All videocassette and audio cassette prices have the Shipping & Handling already included.
         - Email Me - To tell me what you want. I'll confirm your order/trade by email the exact
         day I read it. After you receive confirmation, Send me CASH/TRADE for the amount ( or
               a check if you're feeling risky of getting caught ). 1st class is an X-tra $5,
                        and if for some reason you're going ape shit over the chance at
                         seeing or hearing that first Manson video on the page, or any
                other, send an X-tra $10 for next day air and I'll be glad to do that for ya.
Video/Audio Quality:
-All videocassettes are guaranteed 2nd generation (taped off the original) with no
loss of sound or picture quality. All videocassettes are taped using Hi-Fi
Stereo 4 & 6 head VCR's & Hi -Fi videocassettes on SP tape speed for excellent
performance & excellent quality. So all that means is that they will look exactly as if you
had the original.